Looking to put together a sexy camera bag? Already have a messenger bag you want to carry your camera in? Love the look and feel of waxed canvas bags but don’t want to fork over the money to buy one new? This tutorial is for you! First, you’ll need to turn an ordinary messenger bag into a camera bag. It’s pretty simple: buy a bag, buy a camera bag insert, put the insert into the bag, and voilà!

Once you have your camera messenger bag, you’ll need to wax it. You’ll need: Jute Drawstring Bags

DIY: Make a Waxed Canvas Camera Bag on the Cheap | PetaPixel

Here’s how to wax your canvas bag and make it water-resistent and durable:

When your bag is finished in the dryer, pull it out and allow it to cool down. It will harden because of the wax between the fibers…this is to be expected. You can now use it as it is, work the fabric to break it in and soften it a bit, or give it another application or two of wax.

Here’s a video version of the above tutorial:

About the author: Allen Mowery is a photographer based in Central Pennsylvania. Visit his website here for more DIY goodness. This post was originally published here.

DIY: Make a Waxed Canvas Camera Bag on the Cheap | PetaPixel

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