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Have you ever seen holographic chocolate? It’s easier to make than you might think, here’s how. Vision Cameras

How to Make Holographic Chocolate | Fine Dining Lovers

This holographic chocolate is made simply by tempering chocolate and pouring it on to diffraction grating film. The textured effect on the surface of the chocolate causes the light to diffract when it hits it leading to a holographic effect. It is 100% chocolate with no coating or film and is completely edible. 

The effect is akin to what you see when light is reflected on a CD with a similar microscopic structure on the chocolate itself. The structure of tempered chocolate is so fine that as a substance it can mold itself to the microscale ridges of a diffraction grating. The diffraction grating film is cheap and easily available to by online. It could take your dessert-making to a whole new level, providing a stunning visual effect. 

Below is a video with a detailed description of the science of holographic chocolate. 

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How to Make Holographic Chocolate | Fine Dining Lovers

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