If there’s no glitter, what’s the point?

Other than eating all the candy, your main goal for Halloween may be to look as fab as possible. As a Halloween lover, you understand the importance of picking out just the right costume. Right now, you may be going back and forth between ideas, but once you decide on the perfect ‘fit, your next step is planning out a matching makeup lewk. For costumes like a fairy, mermaid, or unicorn, you will need some captions for glitter makeup that sparkle just as much as your eyeshadow. Resin Mica Pigment Powder

50 Glitter Makeup Captions For Your Shimmery Halloween Instagram Pics

Whether you're dressing up as a Taylor Swift mirrorball or are just a huge glitter lover, being covered head-to-toe in sparkles is a must and Instagram captions for glitter makeup is important for your selfies. Spending that much time to apply glitter on your eyes or adding jewels to your Euphoria-inspired face means you’ll want to snap plenty of pics to show it all off on the ‘Gram. Having glitter quotes and makeup captions will make posting to Insta as easy as applying some shimmer gloss or opal highlighter to your cheeks.

Since TikTok and YouTube have made it so easy to find the right glitter makeup tutorial to match whatever costume you’re planning, consider this list of 50 glitter makeup captions as your cheat sheet for posting pics online. Just find the right glitter makeup caption to match whatever selfie you want to share, and shine on with your glamorous self.

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50 Glitter Makeup Captions For Your Shimmery Halloween Instagram Pics

Perlite Growing Medium This article was originally published on 10.04.18