5 Insulated Tea Pots To Enjoy Fresh Tea

With monsoon, comes the craving for kadak chai! Given how much Indians love tea, the consumption of this beverage doubles up during the season. The increased consumption of tea means making tea all the time just so we can enjoy it hot and fresh. But that can be tedious, especially when we are busy working through the day. This is where an insulated teapot comes to the rescue! Now you make tea in one large batch and store it for hours without worrying about the tea getting cold or stale. If you are looking for an insulated teapot to keep your favourite beverage warm and fresh for longer, here is a list that might help.

Here're 5 Insulated Tea Pots To Choose From: Vacuum Mug

5 Insulated Tea Pots To Enjoy Fresh Tea

This insulated teapot by Borosil is made of stainless steel, making the material rust-free. The vacuum insulated technology of this teapot allows it to carry both hot and cold beverages while retaining the temperature for a long time. The tea pot comes with a push button to open the spout so that you can pour easily.  

To help maintain the temperature inside the pot, you can pre-condition the bottle with hot water if used for a hot beverage and cold water is used for a cold beverage. You should use mild soap for cleaning the flask and we advise you to keep it open when not in use to avoid odour.

This insulated pot has a double vacuum with copper coating for better temperature retention. This pot is non-leaching and toxin-free, ensuring healthy drinking. This pot is cool to touch with hot liquids inside and sweat-proof with cold liquids inside.

This thermos steel tea pot from Cutting Edge, this pot is vacuum insulated and it comes with copper coating. The spout of this tea pot is large, allowing you to pour your choice of beverage easily. The body of the pot stays cool despite the temperatures of the liquid inside.

Another wonderful option, this teapot comes with vacuum insulation along with an inner copper coating that helps maintain the drink at the right temperature, irrespective of what kind of weather it is outside. The tea pot is airtight and leak-proof.

5 Insulated Tea Pots To Enjoy Fresh Tea

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