Keeping equipment running optimally and at capacity requires periodic maintenance and upgrades. For companies looking to start up, troubleshoot, repair or retrofit existing variable frequency drives (VFDs) and related equipment, the team at D Tech Service can help. We offer installations, service contracts, and emergency field services to best provide our customers with trouble free solutions.

Field Services at D Tech Service

Our team of factory-certified and -trained field service technicians provides on-site field service and preventive maintenance in conjunction with our local channel partners. On-call round the clock, seven days a week, our technicians serve clients in Northern New Jersey, metro New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Our comprehensive suite of field service capabilities includes:

  • Field retrofit solutions for existing failed/damaged equipment
  • Legacy drive replacement with turnkey retrofits
  • Installation services
  • Start-up services on AC and DC drives
  • Full-service contracts for drives
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Factory and field training
  • Drive preventive maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Drive replacement parts
  • Emergency on-site drive service, 24/7/365
  • Thermal imaging using our FLUKE Ti32 infrared camera
  • Facility power quality – products and services

Once you’ve implemented your system, our field service team will develop on-site or in-house training sessions to educate key employees on how to use and operate the new system, how to properly maintain it, and troubleshooting tips.


Key Features of Our Services

For our field services, D Tech Service offers a free-of-charge site survey to compile information on your current VFD installed base. According to our findings, we provide a combination of field service and preventative maintenance options for your evaluation.

Installation and Commissioning

When you partner with D Tech Service, there’s no need for you to employ in-house personnel for VFD systems installation, commissioning and maintenance. We offer these services so that your team can focus on your core business.

Field VFD Retrofits and Upgrades

At D Tech Service, we aim to provide you with turnkey VFD services, which include our retrofit and upgrade capabilities. Our team will remove damaged or outdated equipment and replace it with a new VFD to optimize performance. This service comes with a factory-certified start-up and an extended factory warranty. Also, our engineering and manufacturing teams can design and build custom panels for unique applications and designed to fit within your footprint.

Preventive Maintenance

D Tech Service offers preventative maintenance contracts, assisting and advising you on how to proactively maintain VFDs through proper cleaning, periodic inspections, thermal scans, and VFD program checks and optimizations. Taking care of issues before they can develop into larger problems leads to fewer failures, productivity losses, and costly part replacements, all while extending your VFD’s life expectancy.

Troubleshooting and Repairs

When you’re experiencing problems with your VFD, D Tech Service provides professional assessment services to identify the source of the issue and fix it or advise you on replacement components.

Power Quality

We are certified technicians for the application and commissioning of electrical power surge protection products. 


At D Tech Service, our team delivers results and our customer list continues to grow. A Majority of our customer base consists of return customers and about 70% of those customers have long-term service contracts with D Tech Service. When you partner with the D Tech Service team, we will provide:

  • Safety-focused, high-performance-driven equipment that minimizes downtime in your operation
  • A supportive team, alleviating the need to have your own VFD technician on staff
  • Increased energy savings with new VFD installs
  • Potential rebates from your utility company
  • Extended factory warranties, which are available with certified start-ups

Field Services From D Tech Service

Understanding the importance of providing superior field service to support customers’ operations, D Tech Service has built an entire company to meet your needs in the field. We also offer custom manufacturing services for drive systems and motor control panels per your exact specifications. Our team tests each of our systems internally for optimal performance and quality assurance, and we support our products through reliable, 24/7 field services. We also offer a VFD rental program to support you in your short-term needs.

To learn more about our capabilities for field service, contact us today.