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HVAC Retrofit for Pharmaceutical Company

HVAC Retrofit for Pharmaceutical Company

The pharmaceutical industry depends on reliable HVAC systems for maintaining a controlled environment suitable for drug manufacturing and storage. In a previous project, D Tech Service worked with a leading pharmaceutical company located in Boston, Massachusetts to address the outdated Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and control interfaces in their HVAC system. For this client, we were able to successfully retrofit the HVAC system to meet the necessary efficiency and environmental standards.

This project is a testament to our ability to minimize system downtime, complete tasks on-site, and demonstrate the D Tech Service team’s application expertise.

The Problem

Our client’s current HVAC system used an obsolete VFD, and they required an upgrade of 30 units to interface with their control system.

The Process

The client’s consultant engineer provided D Tech with detailed guidelines on harmonic mitigation, as well as strict requirements for finding an environmentally friendly, Low Harmonic Drive solution. We then presented our proposed solution for the client to review and approve before proceeding.

The Solution Implemented

D Tech was able to program the Low Harmonic Drive mod bus comms to communicate with the Retrofit Bypass Control Unit (RBCU). This ensured the system functioned at its original capacity with digital inputs, relay outputs, and protections in both drive and bypass modes. The required harmonic distortion level was less than 7% Current distortion at the point of common coupling. To meet this need, we used a VFD Low Harmonic Drive with a 3% Current distortion, which is well below the requirement.

Results and Impact

Upon the completion of the project, D Tech provided the client with a full set of “As Built” drawings. All components we used were UL Listed, and we adhered to NEC references as well as the VFD manufacturer’s certified start-up procedure.

Our solution met the client’s environmental guidelines, helping them to create a more sustainable operation. The client was very happy with the retrofit and has budgeted for 30 additional units to be retrofitted in 2024, indicating a successful and ongoing partnership.

Why D Tech Service Was Chosen

D Tech was chosen for this project because of our proven track record of providing quality service and delivering highly detailed project proposals. Additionally, our core values aligned with the client’s, which included focusing on finding innovative solutions that improve lives.

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